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About Americritters

Americritters specializes in the breeding and selling of insects for the reptile and amphibian market. We focus on the most common insects sold today. We specialize in roaches, mealworms, superworms, and crickets; but also offer many others. We also offer small feeder amphibians and reptiles for the animals with bigger appetites. These small feeder amphibians and reptiles are seasonal, so make sure and check that they are in stock before ordering. Our main focus here at Americritters is to give you unsurpassed customer service. We are available by phone from 6 am. to 10 pm. CST seven days a week.

Why Choose Us?
  • We are actual breeders, not a middle man with marked up prices
  • You will receive outstanding customer service with every order
  • Live arrival on every order guaranteed or we will make it right
  • Wholesale pricing available with orders of 2000 or more feeders

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"AMAZING!!! I wanted reptile food and Americritters gave it to me at a lower price than I could have gotten it anywhere else."
- Melissa F. (North Adams, MA)

"I think they have EXCELLENT prices for the critters provided... Huge cost savings! Great job Americritters"
- Tom S. (Oklahoma City, OK)

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Latest Projects

We are working on indoor breeding of Black Soldier Flies. We have been trying this for months now. Black Soldier Flies are native to warmer areas of the world. When they reproduce, they have maggots known to the reptile feeding market as reptiworms or phoenix worms. They are deemed impossible to breed without natural sunlight. We are trying to prove that statement is incorrect.

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Dubia Roaches?

Blaptica Dubia roaches have a huge advantage over other feeder insects on the market. They require very little care to maintain even a large colony. They can be contained in any smooth plastic container. They have little to no odor, making them much better than crickets to raise in your home. They also reproduce rather quickly. They are more expensive to buy weekly from your local pet stores, but if you are able to master the breeding of the Dubia roach in your home, you can kiss buying feeder insects goodbye. They are also more nutritious then your other feeder insects. The meat to shell ratio is higher than that of the cricket, mealworm, or superworms. To learn how to breed your own colony the same way we do, please read our caresheet for the Blaptica Dubia roaches.

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